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Arctic Beacon Forbidden Library - Simon Peter vs Simon the Sorcerer - by Dr. E.L. Martin


Historian Webster Tarpley has described Venice as "a conveyor belt" for bringing Babylonian culture and religion into Europe and the West. This is important, because the two spiritual "poles" or opposites of the world are, in a sense, spiritual Babylon (egoism) vs spiritual Jerusalem (bestowal). By the time of Jesus (AKA Rabbi Yeshua ben Joseph of Nazareth), Jerusalem has already been infested with the Babylonian spirit and religious traditions (Jesus called them "the traditions of your elders"). Babylon religion (egoism) continues to infest the world today, through several religious avenues.
The banks of England trace back to the bankers and commercial systems of Venice (the "Venetians"), which in turn can be traced to the hated transnational Phonecians, who in turn are a cultural and religious reincarnation of the hated Biblical Canaanites. This is the more traceable part of how Babylonianism came to be with us today, through Globalist politicians and bankers.
What was a little more elusive, is how did Babylonian religion and de-facto Nimrod worship get to the Canaanites and Turkic Canaanite Khazars? That's where this book is important in filling in the gaps - and it does it well. Here is an example of a key excerpt:

"What Deities Did the Samaritans Worship?
It will pay us to notice the gods and goddesses that these forefathers of Simon Magus brought with them to Samaria. The people from the City of Babylon adored SUCCOTH-BENOTH; the Cuthites: NERGAL; the Hamathites: ASHIMA; the Avites: NIBHAZ and
The first deity is SUCCOTH-BENOTH, a goddess. It was Semiramis in the form of
Venus. Listen to Jones in his Proper Names of the O.T., p. 348. He says the name signifies "Tabernacles of daughters." It means: "Chapels made of green boughs, which the men of Babylon, who had been transported into Samaria, erected in honor to Venus, and where their daughters were PROSTITUTED by the devotees of that abominable goddess.
It was the custom of Babylon, the mother of harlots, and therefore HER SONS DID THESAME THING IN SAMARIA."
What about the god NERGAL of Cuth? We are informed by McClintock and Strong√Ęs
Encyclopedia that the name signifies "the great man," "the great hero" or "the god of the chase," i.e., the Hunter. In other words, as the Encyclopedia further points out, he was a form of NIMROD. This Hunter-god was honored by the people of CUTH for Arabian tradition tells us that CUTH was the special city of NIMROD (vol. VI, p. 950).
Ed. Note: Cuthians are referenced in the Babylonian Talmud
The next god was that of Hamath: ASHIMA. Jones shows us that he was the great
pagan god of propitiation, i.e., the god who bore the guilt of his worshippers (p. 42). This god was the pagan REDEEMER -- the OSIRIS of Egyptian fame or the dying
The Avites worshipped NIBHAZ (masc. -- the god of HADES) and TAR-TAK, "the
mother of the gods". This last-mentioned goddess was supposedly the mother of the Assyrian race, or, as Jones says, she was SEMIRAMIS (see p. 354).
The fifth Babylonian tribe worshiped pre-eminently two gods. ADRAM-MELECH and
ANAM-MELECH. The first was the "god of fire," the Sun or the Phoenician Baal (Jones, p. 14); the second was "the god of the flocks" or the Greek HERMES, the Good Shepherd (p. 32).
(It is self-evident that these gods and goddesses were the major Babylonian deities, and at the same time, the very gods and goddesses which the Roman Catholic Church deifies today as Christ, Mary, etc.)
Simon Magus grew up in this mixed-up society. The Samaritans called themselves the people of the True God, but religiously were practicing Babylonians. Simon himself was a priest of these people. (the word "Magus" is the Chaldean/Persian word for "priest"). Thus, in the encounter of Peter with Simon Magus, we find the first real connection of true Christianity with the Chaldean priest who was prophesied to bring in its false counterpart."

BTW, the Babylonianism of the faux "Israel" of today, comes only partly through the Venice-London route. That part of it is through the Rothschild dynasty, and others of the European Guelph "Black Nobility." More of it comes, more transparently, through the Babylonian Talmudism practiced today by the Khazar (AKA Scythian) "Jews" who run the Israel of today. Babylonian Talmudism is often mistakenly identified as a "Judaism" practiced by Jesus - when in fact Jesus was (and is) its mortal enemy.


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